Introduction to the working principle of Overwrapping Machine

March 12, 2022

The Overwrapping Machine has fast packaging speed, stable operation and fast variety replacement. Fully automatic packaging, with frequency conversion speed regulation, fault alarm, machine jog adjustment, and counting functions. The packaged product is flat and beautiful, improves the product grade, has firm sealing, good sealing, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, and easy to unpack. Overwrapping Machine has a wide range of applications, and is widely used in the automatic wrapping of a single piece of transparent film for various small and medium box-shaped items in the industries of stationery, health care products, food, medicine, and cosmetics. Such as: poker, cigarettes, etc.

Usually, the packaging film is cut into the length that meets the packaging requirements by a cutter, the small packaging box is conveyed by a conveyor, the cylinder pushes the stacking (according to the required form and quantity), and the film is wrapped and folded to form a medium-sized package. Since this equipment does not have a heat-shrinkable packaging machine, the heat-sealing oven will heat the packaged object as a whole, and the use of local point and instant low-temperature packaging will not cause temperature changes in the packaging in the box, which is relatively called a cold-packing machine. An alternative to heat shrink wrapping machines.