Safety protection device of Overwrapping Machine

March 11, 2022

Overwrapping Machine generate a lot of heat when packaging and processing products. As a large-scale mechanical equipment, careless use will pose a great threat to the operator. All operators must master the operation process before operation, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards.


Overwrapping Machine

1. The Overwrapping Machine should have clear and eye-catching signs such as operation, lubrication, safety or warning. Safety colors and safety signs shall comply with relevant regulations, and graphic symbols in the signs shall comply with relevant standards or regulations.

2. For the occurrence of accidents, packaging machinery has comprehensive safety protection measures to protect the machine or items from damage. During the operation of the machine, if there is a package or other object under the cutting knife, or collides with the cutting knife, the cutting knife will automatically rise and reset. At the same time, the indicator light of the alarm part flashes and an alarm sound is emitted to remind the operator to pay attention.

3. In order to prevent the waste film from clogging up and down the conveyor belt, it is difficult to clean it. When the waste film is damaged during transportation, without the operator’s knowledge, after five consecutive packagings, the machine will automatically stop working, the alarm light will always be on, and an alarm will be issued. After confirming that the accident has been eliminated, press the reset button and the machine will resume operation immediately.

4. The cutting device of the packaging machine is provided with protective measures such as transmission mechanism interlocking protective cover and insulating baffle to avoid cutting, clamping or scalding the operator.

5. Filling under pressure may cause the packaged goods or container to explode. Therefore, the filling mechanism should be equipped with protective devices to avoid flying out of the packaged product or container in the event of an explosion and causing injury to the operator.


Overwrapping Machine

The safety device of the Overwrapping Machine can avoid a large part of the damage, but we cannot let our guard down. Most of the time, we just let our guard down and bring disaster. Remember not to operate the device arbitrarily, please operate carefully according to the specifications to protect your safety.