Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450

Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450

Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450

suitable for medicines, health products, food, cosmetics, tobacco and so on industry, as the cluster packing for small box and replace middle box, particularly suitable for high quality packaging requirements of medicines and health products, is one of the newest generation of ideal packaging machinery products. Transparent film wrapping technique is one of the packaging methods currently on the market the most advanced products, adopts Italy’s most advanced technology, with international advanced level and the national patent.
Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450
This product can automatic feeding box, stacking, packing, sealing, sorting, counting, and selfadhesivesecurity cable. It uses transparent paper film completely wrapped on the outside of the product in the appearance of the full display items, increase beauty and value sense, increase the sale of products at the same time, to ensure that the packaging of goods is sealed, moisture-proof, anti pollution. The instant sealing technology, which is a national initiative.
Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450


  • Fully sealed packaging: waterproof, moisture, anti pollution.
  • Instant sealing, heat sealing position does not store material: approximate cold packaging, the product has no effect on drug products.
  • Selfadhesivesecurity cable: improve product anti-counterfeiting ability.
  • Automatic feeding, automatic stacking, packing, sealing, sorting and counting.
  • Adopts PLC programmable controller to make the whole machine programmed.
  • Automatic zero, reset function, equipment is more humanized and intelligent, use, operation, maintenance, maintenance simple.
  • Packing speed can stepless speed regulation, to replace the folding board and a few parts can be packaged for different specifications (size, height, width) of the cassette packaging.
  • The packing speed, high efficiency and energy saving.


Model DTS-450
Packing Speed 10-35boxes/min
Packing Size L: 90-350mm; W: 50-200mm; H: 15-120mm
Packing Material BOPP Film, PVC
Machine Dimension 2239*890*1900mm
Machine Weight 700kg
Total Power supply 2.2KW
Voltage Supply 220V 50/60HZ


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