High Speed Soap Bar Cartons Overwrapper

High Speed Soap Bar Cartons Overwrapper

Collating and overwrapping of small Soap Bar cartons.


  • Using motion control system, a total of 6 servo motors drive.
  • Adopt vacuum suction packing film to eliminate static electricity.
  • Adjust the box size by servo motor.
  • The continuous heat-sealing structure design is adopted to make the heat-sealing on both sides of the product even and flat.
  • The film roll is equipped with the alarm, and it will automatically stop when it runs out.
  • The box sensor is used to detect whether the box is in place.
  • The box height detection sensor detects whether the stack height of the cartons is correct.
  • Equipped with the safety door, once the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop.


Model DTS-300
Packing Speed 20-60boxes/min
Packing Size (30-300)mm×(60-250)mm×(15-150)mm
Packing Material BOPP Film
Machine Dimension 3350×1550×1700mm
Machine Weight 1450kg
Total Power supply 2.2KW
Voltage Supply 380V 50HZ


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