Automatic Overwrapping Machine BTB-210
Wrapping Individual Carton
Speed: 80ppm
High Speed Overwrapping Machine DTS-160
Wrapping Individual Carton
Speed: 150ppm
Automatic Overwrapping Machine DTS-450
Wrapping Multipack
Speed: 35ppm
Automatic Overwrapping Machine BTB-450
Wrapping Individual Carton or Multipack
Speed: 50ppm
High Speed Overwrapping Machine
Wrapping Multipack
Speed: 60ppm

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We provide automatic packing solutions

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High Quality Technology

We use the highest quality electronic components from the best suppliers in the world including Omron PLC and Weinview Touchs Creen, Festo air system.

Automated solutions for packaging lines

we provide packaging machines to food, cosmetic and pharma industry.

On time Delivery

On time delivery of machines plays an important role in our company. On time delivery is what helps us keep our competitive position in the market. You get your machine on the planned delivery day.

A Packaging Solution for all Industries